Athlete Testimonials

Denis Nguyen #1 singls player Harvard University

Denis Nguyen Harvard University

"NexGen AP has among the most positive and motivating coaches that I have ever worked with. They have really helped my tennis game reach the next level by making me more aware of my body and how to control its movement and actions. NexGen has taught me the importance of strength and conditioning in tennis which has allowed me to develop into a better athlete and competitor. I have always enjoyed working with them, as they have helped me grow in so many ways on and off the court."

Sydney Van Alphen commits to USC

Sydney Van Alphen - Former #1 Girl's 18s  

(Marc - Sydney's father)


“My daughter Sydney has been working with NexGen Athletic Performance since she was 9 years old. When I was younger I was always injured as my parents did not understand how important off court training was. Not only to become a stronger player but more important to prevent injuries.  Although I researched many other options, I choose to work with NexGen because of their knowledge.


I’m very pleased for what NexGen AP has done for my daughter over these years, she is much smaller in size than most of her opponents but much stronger and she also has never had an injury. Without the coache's strength and footwork training she would have never become one of SoCal  top 10 ranked Girls 18’s at the age of 14.“

Carson Branstine.jpg

Carson Branstine


NexGen Athletic Performance program is a complete training center for the highest level tennis players in the world. Their coaches have been extremely generous to me and always found a way to fit me into their busy schedules.


Thank you is an understatement. With their unique techniques and knowledge about pretty much anything to do with the health of an athlete, they are among the best, if not the best - physio/doctor I’ve ever had.


Working with NexGen healed my injuries and strengthened me faster than I could ever imagine. 


To everyone at NexGen Athletic Performance, you all are awesome! 


-Carson Branstine

NexGen Athletic Performance athlete Jenna DeFalco

Jenna DeFalco (Jason - Jenna's Father)

Jenna came to NexGen AP in October of 2014.  At that time, she had some injuries that plagued her on and for about 9 months prior.  NexGen coach initially worked on her core and leg strength for injury prevention.  

Jenna has not had any issues with taking time off the court since we started.  Her injuries have been resolved and she has been healthy.  NexGen coaches are now working on her strength, footwork, agility, and her overall balance. Trainers also focused on her body awareness and getting the most out of her technique on the court.  

NexGen coaches & trainers are extremely knowledgable about the off court training and how it applies to tennis in order to maximize your game. Jenna's game has benefited tremendously with the work she has put in with Yasu.  Her results recently coincide with her efforts with Yasu and she really enjoys working with him.

NexGen Athletic Performance athlete Max Pham

Max Pham - UC - Davis

NexGen has helped my tennis by isolating my weaknesses and drilling them specifically, while making sure I understand the application to my game. He is extremely knowledgeable of tennis and the science behind every movement and stroke.

Prior to working with NexGen, there was very little tennis-specific programming in my fitness regimen, and as a result there were a few deficiencies in my tennis athleticism.


Since working with him, I have gained much more control and awareness over my body, I am more agile and explosive, and my understanding of fitness has expanded. NexGen has been an integral part of my improvement and I really enjoy working with him.


Katie Ta - Brown University

I started working with NexGen when I was a freshman in high school, hoping to treat my constant back/hip problems that weren't healing with months of physical therapy.


After working with the coach on my strength and agility, in addition to learning how to use my muscles efficiently - not only did my injuries heal, but my tennis improved tremendously. By the end of my senior year, I was ranked 22 in the country for my class year and 17 in the G18's and under in So. California.


I'm now a sophomore at a University, playing competitive D1 tennis both in singles and doubles. Compared to the girls I've competed with around the country, my fitness and resistance to injury is still a huge advantage. 

Throughout my junior tennis career and even here at this university, I've worked with a number of fitness coaches who really don't understand how tennis players should train the way NexGen does. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to integrating off-court training to on-court movements and injury recovery and prevention.

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