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During these times, it is very important to keep fit and to maximize your athletic abilities - especially if you want to attain a sense of greater sports fitness and to improve your Strength, Balance, Speed, Agility and Technique. At NexGen Athletic Performance, we have just the RIGHT drills for you and your athletic potential. Get trained by among the BEST COACHES and get a chance to become a champion! - There are those who come up with excuses and there are those who work hard to improve. At these sports training sessions, you will learn not just the more advanced physical abilities, but also how to have the mental discipline with the focus and unrivaled fortitude to succeed...

"This picture below says a thousand words. High performance kids putting in the work!"

It’s time to get to WORK y’all. Want to be trained by the best? - Email us OR call us NOW:


📞 (949) 791-7732⁣⁣

🏢 11 clubhouse drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660⁣⁣

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