Great Inspiring Story of a Champion

Here’s a great story about this amazing 16 year old, now ATP player in the LA Sentinel. Maxi Duncan has spent half of her life playing tennis full time. After finishing the second grade, her father decided that homeschool would be the best option, so Duncan can focus more on tennis. Since then, she has competed on tennis courts throughout the world and acquiring accolades for it. In 2012, Duncan won four championship titles, including the 110th Annual Southern Cal Junior Sectionals Girls 10 Championship and the Little Mo’s Sectional Championship.

In 2014, Duncan became a finalist for the USTA National Clay Court Championship in the girls 12 doubles. Two years later, she won the title for the USTA National Hard Court Championship in Girls 14 Doubles. At age 16, Duncan is a blue chip player, who is ranked 12th in the world. As a pro player in the International Tennis Federation (ITF), she is ranked 717 in doubles. “Being able to play tennis full time is a great privilege,” Duncan said. “Being able to do my studies and be able to do it well and have that balance, I’m really grateful.”

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