Our athlete Ella Pachl (#15 in Girl's 12 & under division) reaches semi-final at Woody Hunt

Ella Pachl ranked reaches semi-finals at the 34th Woody Hunt South Bay Junior Tournament (Level 2) in the Girl's 12 & under division.

Ella has been working really hard with us for the last couple of months. She is putting extra time and effort on her off-court training resulting in some fantastic run at the Woody Hunt South Bay Tournament. She has battled major injuries in the past and we are trying our best to work on her prehab and rehab to fine-tune her body so that she can stay healthy.

We are also working hard to get her movement efficiency, quickness and explosiveness specific for tennis so that she can become an overall better athlete on the court.

We have been proving over and over again with our athletes that off-court training is an essential component to every athlete. Without fine-tuning the human body and understand how the human truly functions and what you can do to maximize your potential, you are a step behind this generation of athletes.

In today's game, tennis has become very physical and players are getting bigger, faster and stronger, however, juniors are also getting hurt by record numbers...

The days of training 5 hours on the court everyday without implementing off-court training are a thing of the past.

We must train smart and understand what sports science can do for us to take your game to the next level.

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