Steve Nguyen wins Boy's 10s Anaheim Level 4!

We would like to congratulate Steve Nguyen for winning the 51st Annual Anaheim Junior Tournament in the Boy's 10s division! He has been training really hard with all of his brothers (Derick and Scott) and have come very far with his training! Here are some of the examples of understanding the mechanism of athleticism in which we are working on with Steve today.

1. How to efficiently move and change directions (linear and lateral). 2. What a player should look like in the initial phase of the first step. 3. How to produce maximal force (Gluteal activation) from his body to aid in his ground strokes, volleys and serves. Above are just a few examples of having the awareness of these key factors. By understanding these fundamentals at an early age will significantly improve one's game without hitting a single ball on the tennis court. Steve has 6 titles in 2014 and looking to train harder this upcoming year Congratulations on your success this year Steve! NexGen Athletic Performance


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