Some of our players in ACTION!

Some of NexGen Athletic Performance athletes include:


Denis Nguyen -  #1 Singles player for Harvard University

Sydney Van Alphen - # 1 Girls 18's USC

Katie Ta - #15 Girls 18's in SoCal Brown University

Max Pham - #15 Boys 18's UC Davis

Weiyi Zhu - #26 Boys 18's

Jenna DeFalco - #1 Girls 18's  SoCal #2 Nationally

Ella Pachl - #17 Girls 14's 

Jenna Yeam - #28 Girls 14's

Milana Molnar - #40 Girls 14's

Isabella Chhiv - #51 Girls 14's  

Steve Nguyen - #5 Boys 12's

Derrik Nguyen - #1 Player at Canyon High School (Caltch University)

Chloe Jolliff - New Mexico State University

15 year old Jenna DeFalco becomes Southern California's #1 player in Girl's 18 & under!
The legendary tennis coach
Coach Nick Bollettieri at
NexGen Athletic Performance
Sydney Van Alphen signs with USC! 
Tadevos Mirijanyan with
Coach Brandon Smith
Steve Nguyen with Double Crown
at level 3 Nationals!  

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