Some of our players in ACTION!

Some of NexGen Athletic Performance athletes include:


Denis Nguyen -  #1 Singles player for Harvard University

Sydney Van Alphen - # 1 Girls 18's USC

Katie Ta - #15 Girls 18's in SoCal Brown University

Max Pham - #15 Boys 18's UC Davis

Weiyi Zhu - #26 Boys 18's

Jenna DeFalco - #1 Girls 18's  SoCal #2 Nationally

Ella Pachl - #17 Girls 14's 

Jenna Yeam - #28 Girls 14's

Milana Molnar - #40 Girls 14's

Isabella Chhiv - #51 Girls 14's  

Steve Nguyen - #5 Boys 12's

Derrik Nguyen - #1 Player at Canyon High School (Caltch University)

Chloe Jolliff - New Mexico State University

15 year old Jenna DeFalco becomes Southern California's #1 player in Girl's 18 & under!
The legendary tennis coach
Coach Nick Bollettieri at
NexGen Athletic Performance
NexGen Athletic Performance athlete sydney van alphen commits to USC to play on the womens tennis team strating in the spring of 2017
Sydney Van Alphen signs with USC! 
Tadevos Mirijanyan with
Coach Brandon Smith
Steve Nguyen with Double Crown
at level 3 Nationals!  

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