Our Sports Science System

In today’s game, everyone must agree that it is a very physical one. What distinguishes an ordinary player from an extraordinary one? Our goal is to outwork, outfight and outsmart your opponents with our training system so that you have the ADVANTAGE EVERY TIME!


Mission Statement


Our goal is to help each and every athlete reach peak physical performance. Our system is backed by sports science and years of experience out on the field. We fine-tune the human body to get our athletes to function at the optimal physical level.


Phase I - Building the foundation of the human body

Static body awareness and Pre-habilitation


By truly understanding how the human body functions on a physiological and bio-mechanical level, we are able to provide the highest quality training program for all of our athletes.


In this basic fundamental stage, players will learn how to use the human body in the most efficient and the strongest manner. In general, this stage will work on mobility, flexibility, static full body strength, breath control, static balance, tension-relaxation control.


Here are few examples of what we focus on and how each drill applies to this phase:


1)      Understand where the power comes from when a player strikes a ball.

2)      Learn the most ideal posture to strike a ball. What should a player look like?

3)      Players will become aware and understand how the body functions.

4)      Develop the kinetic chain and understand the connection with its body.

5)      Develop and build core strength statically preparing players for dynamic movement patterns.


Phase II – Dynamic Functional Awareness and Control


In this stage, players will be challenged and progressed into controlling its movements in a dynamic manner.  Players will work on dynamic stability, strength, movement patterns and dynamic core strength with emphasis on rotational power.


Here are a few examples of what we focus on and how each drill applies to this phase.

1)      Players will be working on dynamic movement patterns by having total control of its own body.

2)      The most ideal posture and angles of the body in different dynamic movement patterns.

3)      Correct breath control when the body is in motion.

4)      Understanding the concept of the Kinetic Chain (Triple Extension).

5)      How to maximize rotational power and movement efficiency.


Phase III - Sport Specific Movement Patterns with Strength and Power


In this stage, we will be focusing on sport specific movements patterns, strength, power, explosiveness, quickness, and anticipation.

Once you have gone through building a solid foundation of the human body in phase I and II, it is time to apply the fundamental movements into tennis specific patterns.


Here are a few examples of what we focus on and how each drill applies to this phase:


1)     Sport-specific linear and lateral movement patterns.

2)     Sport-specific foot speed drills.

3)     Medicine ball resistance work with specific to a sport.

4)     Multi-Directional efficiency work with an emphasis on the sport specific movement patterns.

5)     Bungee cord resistance movement patterns and power.

NexGen Athleic Performance facility in Neport Beach California

Phase IV- Periodization for Peak Performance


Once you have gone through all of the phases, it is time to specifically periodize your training goals for upcoming important events. In this phase, the player’s body will be stimulated in an athletic manner for peak athletic performance. This phase is for advanced and elite players that truly understand the mechanism of the body.


Here are a few examples of what we focus on and how each drill applies to this phase:-


1)     Emphasis on functional strength for peak athletic performance.

2)     Loaded kinetic dynamic training.

3)     Sled Pull and Push Training for maximal acceleration.

4)     Dynamic functional Kettlebell training program specific for tennis players.

5)     Multi-Directional dynamic medicine ball resistance training with bungees