Jenna DeFalco wins Winter Nationals in Singles and becomes Finalist in Doubles!

Ranked #2 nationally &

#1 in Southern California

in the Girl's 14 & under!

Sydney Van Alphen accepts an offer from USC and will be starting her season with the team in January 2017!

Have you ever wondered why some athletes can move quicker, faster, more powerfully and efficiently than others? While there are some naturally gifted athletes, did you know that you can significantly improve every aspect of your sport through the RIGHT ATHLETIC TRAINING with emphasis in sport specific programs?

We use our system backed by sports science and years of experience out on the field to coach and guide every athlete we train. We train our athletes on their sport-specific footwork, movement patterns, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, strength, power, reaction, anticipation and all of the elements necessary to reach peak physical performance.


We fine-tune their body to get our athletes to function at the optimal level before, during, and after tournaments.


Over the years, we have produced some of the top players in Southern California. We truly care about our athletes and they become part of our team when they join our program.


NexGen Athletic Performance - Tennis Fitness Lessons

Our goal at NexGen Athletic Performance is to help

each and every athlete achieve  optimal physical condition.

1602 E Coast Hwy

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: 949-791-7732


Some of NexGen Athletic Performance athletes include :

Denis Nguyen - Former #1 SoCal Boy's 16s &18s (2011) Harvard University

Sydney Van Alphen - # 1 Girls 18's 

Katie Ta - #15 Girls 18's in SoCal

Max Pham - #15 Boys 18's

Weiyi Zhu - #26 Boys 18's

Jenna DeFalco - #1 Girls 14's  

Ella Pachl - #17 Girls 14's 

Jenna Yeam - #28 Girls 14's

Milana Molnar - #40 Girls 14's

Isabella Chhiv - #30 Girls 12's  

Steve Nguyen - #2 Boys 10's

Derrik Nguyen - #1 Player at Canyon High School (Caltch University)

Chloe Jolliff - New Mexico State University




We are here to help you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Your success is our number one priority and we will do whatever it takes to get you there!

NexGen Athletic Performance has been dedicating time and effort helping athletes of all ages reach their peak athletic performance by analyzing strengths and weaknesses in every athlete.


The legendary
Coach Nick Bollettieri at
NexGen Athletic Performance

We offer the best off-court footwork and conditioning training in Orange County!

We are located in

The Tennis Club at Newport Beach

next to Fashion Island

Jenna DeFalco wins 2016 Girls 14s USTA National Selection Tournament in Irvine! 
Max Pham with coach Orlando and Yasu. 
Committed to UC - Daivs for the Fall of 2016

Contact us

Phone: 949-791-7732


Address: 1602 E Coast Hwy,

Newport Beach CA 92660​


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